I had fun doing these New Orleans jokes because the bit is, you know, it’s one of my few bits that’s not critical of something. Usually one of my bits is either me kind of being self-deprecating in the bit or me sh*tting on somebody in the bit or saying somebody’s dumb or this is dumb or I hate this or this is stupid. But this is a bit about just really having a good time and having fun. So that’s the reason why I enjoy doing it.
Hannibal Buress talking about the New Orleans material in his new standup special, “Live from Chicago.”

UPROXX: Oh man. Well is there a story from your True Detective experience that you’ll always remember and will probably be telling for the rest of your life?

CHARLES: On my flight down there Richard Simmons was — I’m not making this sh*t up, dude — Richard Simmons was on that flight, heckling me the whole time down there. He finds out I’m doing this show on HBO and he asks me to go out to dinner with him and his manager. We go to this, I don’t know some crazy place, it was surreal. It’s like I’d never been to New Orleans and then I’m out with Richard Simmons. The next day I’m in the chair getting my hair bleached. It was so ridiculous.